Steven R. Smith, MSREA, MAI, SRA

Real Estate Consulting • Market Studies • Risk Analysis • Appraisals

1881 Commercenter East, #200,

San Bernardino, CA 92408 


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MS in Real Estate Appraisal, Saint Thomas University

BA in Real Estate Finance, Loma Linda La Sierra University

Professional Credentials                 

MAI, and SRA from the Appraisal Institute. Certified General License #2123


Appraising full time since 1976, sales, title, and lending background prior to that. Specializations have included Luxury Homes and Estates, as well as Apartments and Market Studies.

Cost Estimator for Disaster Victims through the SBA Disaster Loan Program 2017-18, Herndon Virginia.

Loss Verifier for State Farm fire victims 2017-19

Litigation Experience                  

Civil and Criminal cases have involved bankruptcy, judicial foreclosure, specific performance, casualty loss, dissolution, construction defects, encroachments, partial takings, easement and partition actions. Since 1976 I have testified in state and federal cases, and at the appellate level in the Soderberg vs. McKinney case, Cal Apt, 1996. I have worked on two Class Action cases involving damages. I have worked on a variety of types of civil cases involving damages

Published Articles                      

  • Appraising in a Changing Market: The Multi-Tiered Market Data Approach

  • Predatory Lending, Client Pressures and Appraisal Frauds

  • Appraiser Liability: There Ought To Be a Law

  • To Whom are Appraisers Liable?

  • Severance Damages


  1. Frank Sandelman, attorney, Manhattan Beach, CA

  2. Naran Reitman, attorney, Palm Desert, CA

  3. Mark Edelstein, attorney, Palm Springs, CA

  4. John Wurm, attorney, Lake Arrowhead, CA

  5. Naran Reitman, attorney, Palm Desert, CA

  6. Lori Ann Kim, attorney, Glendale, CA



Court Cases that depositions or testimony has been given in the last ten years.

2019 Dunn and Larson vs Alta Verde Sereno

2019 Hathaway I LLC v. Hathaway Industrial, et al

2019 Hughes vs. Ferguson                                         

2019 Deng vs. Stone Canyon Partners, et al

2018 WRI Golden State vs. Ramona Humane Soc.   

2018 Pasternack vs. Videlity National Title

2018 Von Clave LLC vs. Griffin Estate Investors    

2018 Isaacman vs. Desert Princess                   

2017 Jones vs. Wilson                                            

2017 Hernandez vs. Huth                              

2016 Kim Bankruptcy case                                    

2016 Ferrens vs. One West Bank                     

2015 Levonian vS. Wass                                            

2015 Olund vs. Rucobo                                    

2015 Witkowski vs. Gindi                                      

2014 Spears vs eAppraiseIT, class action          

2014 Bedame vs JPMorgan Chase                        

2014 Meyer vs. Shea Homes 

2013 National Mortgage LLC & Aurora Loan Services LLC v. Fidelity National Title Insurance Co.

2013 SSFCU vs. First American Mortgage               

2013 Wong vs. Rehfeld

2013 Teske vs. Fidelity, arbitration                          

2012 Carlson vs. SCE, class action    

2012 Fabian vs. Village Cove, deposition                  

2011 McKenna vs. Doyle, trial                                 

2011 El Paseo LLC Arbitration, arbitration              

2011 Bender vs. Rossi, deposition                            

2011 Rothman Divorce, deposition                           

2009 Blixseth Bankruptcy, trial                                

2009 SBCO vs. Grieco, criminal trial                        


Seminars Created

  • Sales Price vs. Market Value

  • No Cal AI Spring Conference Appraisal Fraud Prevention

  • CA Bank Auditors Presentation3-9-11

  • Market Value Verses Sales Prices and Verification of Data

  • HUD Valuation Directive 4150

  • Quantitative Analysis for Appraising in a Declining Market

  • Intro to Stats and Graphs ASA Conference

  • Appraising In A ChangingMarket 3-4-10

  • Introduction To Expert Witness Testimony

  • Building Transferrable Skill Sets

  • Appraising In A Changing Market 10-08-Version3

  • Appraising in a Declining Market-1-19-07

  • Demonstrating the Market In So. Ca.

  • Appraisal Fraud Prevention Seminar

  • Introduction to Expert Witness Testimony final version-11-5-07

  • ASA-Stats and Graphs 7-07

  • CDAA Presentation 11-9-01

  • OREA-Fraud Presentation AI-8-9-07

  • Fraud (RE fraud & the appraiser) - 2002 Mckissock

  • Appraising in a Declining Market-2006

  • Market Projections 2006-2007-10-06

  • How You Count 7-06

  • Architecture Presentation 5-06

  • Appraisal Fraud and Mortgage Lending Presentation-6-05

  • Mortgage Fraud Presentation - Las Vegas Regional AI Conference-6-05

  • Building Transferable Skill Sets 4-05

  • Appraisal Fraud Presentation 6-05

  • Fraud Handouts 11-02-04 by Steven Smith-MAI-SRA

  • Real Estate Fraud & the Appraisers Roll – 1999

Professional Organizations

The Appraisal Institute

The National Appraisers Forum